onlydo.online offers a unique methodology and framework to help you as a business owner manage your team more effectively. Our courses and associated materials are unique in that they use the emotional pull that sports fans feel and allow that pull to work for them in their businesses. Our methodology can be applied to any business team issues and our clients are always impressed by the flexibility of the framework. In order to assist you in your decision making process below is a list of the most frequently asked questions that our clients ask.

Sport is a global business. Our methodology is not about sport itself but how sport is a business like any other and needs to be managed like any other business. The difference is that everything that happens within a club is very transparent and as such the leaders have to be more adept at dealing with situations that arise.

Elite sports coaches are one of the best sources of learning the skill of people management. They manage within public scrutiny and are subject to a 360 degree review every few days. How do they set their strategy and manage their teams under this intense pressure is something that every leader can learn from.

All businesses succeed or fail based on the quality of their people. It is the ability of the leaders of an organisation to not only select and retain the best talent but also to lead and empower them to thrive and give their best to the company. Sport provides an ideal analogy for studying how this works in a very practical and immediate way.

Using this analogy will allow you to look more critically at your people strategy and more closely align it with key corporate objective.

It is not necessary to understand anything about sport to get the most out of our programs. Our courses, training and consultancy is business focused and is focused around the business problems your company is facing today. The use of sports is only used as an analogy to start meaningful debate and dialogue around leadership and team excellence.

 No. What we are seeking to impart is the skill and leadership that the top coaches use to inspire their best people. As business leaders this is also the task of everyone. Studying these coaches teaches us some valuable lessons in team leadership and inspiration.

Our programs are informative on team strategies. They are facilitative in a workshop setting. In a workshop setting using our tools and business strategy game every attendee has the chance to participate and input into the discussion and takes ownership of the decisions made. As part of the sessions attendees gain valuable insight into how other leaders tackle problems and these learnings are translated into action plans that can be taken back into the workplace.

Our online courses are self-study with additional online help. These sessions are carefully crafted to deliver maximum results over a short period. Each session is different and tailored to achieve a specific outcome. We can tailor make our methodology to suit the issue you are trying to resolve.

Most of the clients are looking to resolve a particular issue or are looking to raise awareness of a topic. In this regard we provide pre-training exercises where it is necessary for the business owner to work with the materials so as to maximise the effectiveness of the training.

onlydo.online offer a range of additional services that our clients can take advantage of. In addition to the online training courses we offer keynote speeches, conference energises and consultancy programs. Many clients retain us post training to ensure that the action plans agreed upon during the sessions are adhered to as well as providing further guidance on how to maximise both leadership skills and team performance. We are happy to provide details on request.